Everyone has a mission. I believe mine is to do good & advocate for ideas I believe would contribute to sustainable human development.

Being in business for 25+ years and applying knowledge and experience to building different types of businesses in several continents gave me multi angled perception of business challenges and market opportunities, or problems solved, and problems created. If I am to explain myself in a few words, then most probably “a business leader with the creative mind” would suit fairly.

Not very fond of following trends. More of a “free trend setter” deep thinker, allowing my mind to invert realities and remove bias.

Questioning origins and consequences: Are industry leaders trend setters, or the user positive/negative experience drives the development? Who drives the behavior?

Curiosity is an important trait that a business developer must have. Asking the right questions and being able to give answers, based on my own experience is invaluable spice to overall trend predicting and setting.

At this particular blog, I write about the Power of Edutainment values and models of its application to reaching wide, stable human development.

If you still need to know more about my career, here is the link to my LinkedIn page. Or check my other blog on economics and ethics.

Maja Loncar posing in an astronaut looking like suit